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Allergies & College Life


For some students about to head off to their dream college or university for the first time, the photo above draws forth a list of sometimes unanswerable and potential dangerous questions:
Is that wheat?
Are those crushed pecans or walnuts on top?
Did they use eggs in the batter?
Is it dairy-free?
How many people have touched those almonds and could possibly touch me?
If I eat this, will I have a reaction in front of everyone?


Take a moment and consider:

Imagine what it will be like to enter an environment where your basic survival is at risk every moment. The dormitory. The classroom. The cafeteria. The Student Center. Going to college is extremely stressful for a student with a food allergy. Not only do they have to worry about sharing a living space with someone, but the student also has to worry about interacting with professors, navigating food services, existing in shared spaces, and finding help if an emergency were to happen.

As we approach the next season of new students moving into, living, and eating on college campuses across the nation, it's important to point out the basic survival needs and considerations of students with allergies and how we can help them.

  • Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team

The team at FAACT has put together a brilliant, well-written, and verified resource FREE for anyone who needs it. It includes downloadable checklists that teens can use before applying to college, when they are admitted, and once they move-in.

  • Food Allergy Research and Education's College List

The FARE Food Allergy College Search spotlights campuses that make food allergy accommodations across the United States. This easy-to-use tool allows the user to select a state and see which schools have established food allergy accommodations and protocols for their students. In addition, the database covers dining options, housing accommodations, emergency services, and other programs.

The most important take-away I have learned from my research into the world of living with allergies is to be a good communicator. Whether you are the one with allergies or you are the one interacting with someone with allergies, the more we talk and share, the better we become informed.


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